Employers Agree: Interview Skills are Lacking

ShortList has covered Ohio from end to end in the month of September! We have had the wonderful opportunity, thanks to our partnership with RecruitMilitary, to attend their conferences in Cleveland and Cincinnati as service providers. This gave us the opportunity to do one of the most important things any young company can do – interact with and learn from the market.

RecruitMilitary hosts job fairs such as the ones we attended, all over the United States. Veterans from all walks of life and of all our previous wars since Vietnam could be found in attendance. This venue provides an opportunity for these men and women to interact with, learn about, and perhaps even interview with any one of the dozens of employers and agencies looking to hire military veterans.

Sounds like a pretty standard 1 to 1 job conference dynamic: employers and attendees. But there is a 3rd group present, of which ShortList was lucky to be a part of: service provider.

RecruitMilitary brought us to so far, three of their conferences (the 3rd being in the greater Boston area). There we had the opportunity to meet, learn about, and coach the veterans coming through the conference. Our on-the-ground job was to give them last minute tips and preparations should they find themselves in a job interview with their employer of choice that day. We would also happily sign up those who were interested (you all reading this!), for our correspondence and our services.

One of the questions we as a company constantly ask ourselves is, “do candidates and employers know that they need our services”? These conferences have confirmed the fact that employers know more than ever. This was driven not by the attendees we met, but by the employers and HR professionals whose stories painted pictures of unprepared candidates unable to articulate their skills, and unfamiliar with the job and the company for which they were interviewing. Strikingly, this stood directly in contrast to many candidates who told us they feel very comfortable with their interviewing skills and ready for their interviews.

Train as you fight. You don’t know how you’ll do in combat until you get there. Just about any war veteran, I’d wager, would agree with that statement. The same is true with interviews. You cannot assume that you’ll do well if you’ve never done it. It’s like we always said, “Train as you fight”. For those unfamiliar with that statement, it’s another way of saying, make your training as realistic as possible.

This is why we offer our diagnostic, free 3-interview package to veterans. This is a free chance to pick out all the “low-hanging fruit” issues with your interview skills. They may be easy to fix, but you won’t know until you have a trained expert observing you in a simulated interview situation.

Continue to train as you fight for your living.

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