Why did we start ShortList?

Why are we passionate about ShortList? Because we are ShortList.  Pete&Pat Small

Pete Sukits transitioned from the military to B-School to the corporate world and knows what it’s like, firsthand. Pete and Pat met when he was wrapping up his Cornell MBA program and she was working with students to prep them for their transition to post-mba careers. Years later they realized this support was basically unavailable for most veterans and decided it was time to solve that.

Pete IMG_5968

Pete during deployment

Pete is a former Army officer and served five years on active duty, with service in the 82nd Airborne Division. He attained the rank of Captain and is a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom – Afghanistan. He is passionate about mentoring, coaching and giving back to the veteran community. He has an MBA from Johnson at Cornell, an MS in Business Analytics from Indiana University and a BS from Carnegie Mellon.

Pat Hubbell has over 17 years of experience coaching soldiers, veterans and young professionals with career transitions at Cornell, PRTM (now PwC) and Keystone Strategy. She has an SM/MBA from MIT Sloan and a BSME from the University of Rhode Island. Before ShortList she was VP of Development at Keystone Strategy, Senior Assoc. Director at Cornell,  Management Consultant for PRTM and a Development Engineer for Kodak and Corning…Pat’s first mentor, ever, was her dad, a WWII P47 Fighter Pilot.