“Much more prepared and confident for my interview next week…” – former Army Chief Warrant Officer

“While there are many VSOs, public agencies, and private companies that claim to help veterans transition to careers, most focus on directing veterans to online job boards for entry level positions, with no follow-on support. What veterans need most is on-demand mentoring and practice to help them translate their skills in a simulated environment. ShortList is the only solution that addresses the critical gap in helping veterans nail their interviews.”     Charlotte Creech, CEO at Patriot Boot Camp

“What makes ShortList different is that it’s mission and competencies are perfectly aligned. Often organizations aimed at transitioning veterans mean well but are unable to provide the level of expertise necessary to enable success. The ShortList team has proven experience, knowledge, and dedication that can truly make a difference.“     Max Singer. Former US Army Captain, Chief of Counter-IED Operations, 4th Infantry Division

Dan Maher “The concept is absolutely brilliant. As technology moves forward and employers develop the ability to reach across the globe for talent, interviewing skills in front of a camera become more and more important. Those who really take advantage of this experience have a lot to gain.”     Dan Maher, Captain, former US Army, UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot

“I finally landed a position with (top consulting firm), Malaysia….and I would like to thank you for your generosity in including me in your mock interviews. They are extremely helpful, and I am grateful that I have met you and other amazing folks (interviewers) along the way.”      Mandy, MIT grad, Transitioning Professional, Proof of Concept participant

“With the interview process being so different for company to company, I found that the assistance I got from Shortlist really provided me a well rounded look into what I might see.  The multiple interviewers and perspectives really helped prepare me for anything I could possibly see and then some when it came to my job interviews!“     Gabe D’Antonio, Recent URI grad, Electric Boat/General Dynamics Engineer, Proof of Concept participant

Pete Sukits has proven himself capable of simultaneously handling multiple, complex, high priority projects with consistent superlative results.”     Task Force Commander

“Pat has my highest recommendation as a consultant, coach and mentor. She comes with tremendous experience dealing with people across the full spectrum of scenarios (contentious, stressful, collaborative, etc.). In addition, her integrity, tenacity and collaborative nature make her an ideal candidate to run a successful and impactful startup.”      RC, Senior Principal, Technology Consulting Firm

“Mentally agile and a natural leader” (re: Pete)     Senior Instructor, US Army Field Artillery school