The ShortList Team

Our Mentor Interviewers have direct and impactful experience to provide you with actionable and relevant feedback. Our Network is wide and growing.

They have been industry practitioners, recruiters, and career coaches with combined decades of experience.

Meet our Featured Mentor Interviewers:

Peter Sukits 

Pete IMG_4380 


  • Former US Army officer and combat veteran
  • Corporate Finance at General Electric and Procter & Gamble
  • MBA, Cornell University
  • Learning interview coaching skills through doing!

What Pete brings:

  • Transforming military experiences into civilian competitive advantages
  • Translating military jargon into a common language
  • Giving candid feedback in a memorable, effective manner

Pat Hubbell 


  • VP of Development, Keystone Strategy    
  • Senior Assoc. Director, Cornell MBA Career Management
  • PRTM Management Consultant
  • MS/MBA MIT Sloan
  • Engineer, R&D
  • Daughter of WWII P47 Fighter Pilot

What Pat brings:

  • 17+ years of career coaching
  • Structured and innovative approaches to interview prep
  • Straightforward, actionable and honest feedback
  • Passion for helping transitioning Military translate their experiences

Meagan Yee, Ph.D.


  • Professor of Psychology
  • Nonprofit leader
  • Organizational advisor
  • Guest Lecturer & Researcher
  • US Army (former) Spouse

What Meagan brings:

  • Expert knowledge of human perception, biases, judgment, learning and development
  • 3+ years of conducting interviews and making hiring decisions
  • Experienced, patient,compassionate coach for transitioning military

Donna Fleming



  • Associate Director, Cornell Johnson MBA Career Management
  • Alderperson, City of Ithaca Common Council
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Daughter of USMA graduate, Class of 1948

What Donna brings:

  • 16 years of MBA student career coaching
  • Commitment to clear thinking, reasoning, and expression
  • Ability to listen and ask thoughtful clarifying questions
  • Desire to coach people making important life choices who are seeking satisfaction at work and at home
  • MBA from Cornell University; BSN and MA from University of Virginia
  • Humor and perspective

Milan Politi 

Milan photo


  • IFT-Certified Career and Leadership Coach
  • 8 years as tech industry consultant
  • JD, Southwestern Law School

What Milan brings:

  • Works with clients to identify core skills + strengths and how to market themselves more broadly
  • Passionate about personal growth integrating with career development
  • Analytical approach to helping others find purpose-driven work

Katie King

Katie King


  • McKinsey, PWC, Harvard Medical School
  • Principal/Founder K-squared Talent Strategy
  • BS in Human & Org Dev
  • MSW, clinical psych
  • Daughter of a West Point grad, Class of ’70

What Katie brings:

  • Talent strategist and career counselor for over 18 yrs
  • Interview skills and development training
  • Advisor: professional development best practices, campus and competitive market sourcing, innovative workforce strategy